With 18 apartment units and 2 emergency units, New Hope Village is unlike other homeless shelters in the area allowing families to stay together under one roof.

New Hope Village is more than just housing families together. We will provide case management services for each family to ensure all family members are being connected to the appropriate community resources that will advance their life, education, and/or vocational skills.

New Hope Village is a reality thanks to thousands of hours volunteered by selfless, dedicated individuals and groups in the community. 

Our continued success is dependent upon continued community support and we appreciate the collective effort that the community has shown to bring us to where we are today.


Giving families an opportunity to stay together under one roof, both children and parents will have a renewed sense of hope in their life as they begin to move forward out of the grasp of poverty.


Keeping families together, we provide hope, housing, and opportunities that empower all parents and children to become self-sufficient members of the community.