Here's How You Can Help

I have received several emails and calls asking "How can we help"? My answer has been to keep an eye on the newsletters and our website to find out when andhow you might help NHV provide a bright future for those who have almost nothing. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

Individuals and groups can make donations of good used furniture, bedding, and financial donations. We would like to have 2-years' operating funds available before we open. Remember, your donations are tax deductible.

Groups are asked to take a look at the list of rooms that will be available for use by families in our new building. Pick a room and make a donation to equip that room. Each of these areas are vital to our operation. Your donation will be recognized on a plaque outside the room you sponsor. These are the opportunities:

​Dining Room: $14,500.

Game Room: $13,000.

Laundry Room: $15,500.

Office, Conference, Reception: $13,600.

We also have 22 apartments that need to be furnished. We would like to make this into a contest that will be fun for all. We are asking for individual, groups of friends, ...

February 15, 2017

 Greetings to You All,
How wonderful it is to enjoy the blessings of living such full lives. We have so much and the people of Midland, are willing to share their abundance with those who have less, much less. Every day is a new adventure for me as I answer my phone calls, and look at my email. Who stepped outside of themselves today and reached out to help? Not just to open a door for someone or help carry a grocery bag but to help make a life changing difference in a family’s lives. I have the privilege to work on a daily basis with people who are giving to others from their hearts. These are the people you pass on the street with big smiles on their faces. They don’t talk about doom and gloom or how the world could be different, they simply go about their business of helping the helpless with smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts.

​​​The Kiwassee Kiwanis have come forward with the funds to do the NHV library/homework/quiet room with a grant for $25,000. Mapleton United Methodist Church of Freeland has come forward to donate our entire commercial kitchen. Our architect is currently designing the kitchen area. These are major donations and the staff and board of NHV would like to publicly thank these two wonderful organizations.


New Hope Village ​A Shelter for Homeless ​Families