New Hope Village in Midland County, is in the process of developing a long term strategic plan and annual strategy. As key stakeholders in our community we would like to have your feedback. Even if you don’t know anything about New Hope Village – your input on homelessness and housing needs in Midland County is very valuable. Please take a few minutes to respond to this very short survey. We thank you for your time and effort. All responses will be kept confidential  – we will not be sharing your email address or individual responses. Please click on the link below:

​​​The Kiwassee Kiwanis have come forward with the funds to do the NHV library/homework/quiet room with a grant for $25,000. Mapleton United Methodist Church of Freeland has come forward to donate our entire commercial kitchen. Our architect is currently designing the kitchen area. These are major donations and the staff and board of NHV would like to publicly thank these two wonderful organizations.


January 16, 2018

Greetings to You All,

​    What a December! As we close out 2017 and begin our exciting journey into 2018, NHV is extremely thankful for Midland County residents. The amount of dedication and outpour of support that New Hope Village continues to receive from Midland County residents is heartwarming! We hope that everyone had a blessed holiday season, and would like to wish everyone the best in the New Year!

    Nearly all of the apartments are nearing completion while common areas are being transformed into amazing spaces! We are currently laying floor coverings in the kitchen area and carpet in the apartments themselves. We are delaying carpet in the common areas until the heating system is installed. As you know we have had several unforeseen delays, but we have worked our way through each one. The heating system that has long been an issue is now resolved and all equipment has been ordered and is on the way to us. I am told we will have the equipment by the end of January and it will be completely installed by February 15th. At that point things will rapidly progress. We are now hoping for an April opening. Good news for those of you working in the building, we now have indoor plumbing in the bathrooms!!!!  YEA


Here's How You Can Help

I have received several emails and calls asking "How can we help"? My answer has been to keep an eye on the newsletters and our website to find out when and how you might help NHV provide a bright future for those who have almost nothing.


Individuals and groups can make donations of good used furniture, bedding, and financial donations. We would like to have 2-years' operating funds available before we open. Remember, your donations are tax deductible!

Groups are asked to take a look at the list of rooms that will be available for use by families in our new building. Pick a room and make a donation to equip that room. Each of these areas are vital to our operation. Your donation will be recognized on a plaque outside the room you sponsor. These Projects vary in size, effort and cost, from $1,000.00 on the low-end and none above $20,000.00. These are the opportunities:

​Dining Room Furnishings, Indoor and Outdoor Play Equipment, Walk-in Freezer, Building Security Equipment, 

Game Room Equipment, Laundry Room,

Office, Conference, and Reception area Equipment, Gardening Equipment, Construction Tools, Canning Equipment, Specialized Baking Equipment and Shop Equipment.