About Us

​New Hope Village as we know it today was incorporated by former Executive Director, John Congleton, and approved as a 501(c)3 organization in January 2016. However, the idea and vision began a few years prior to that. The mission was to provide a place where families could go together when they had no other place to go. The operation was operated at the Community of Christ campground in Sanford, Michigan for two winters until a permanent establishment and business plan was put in place.

New Hope Village purchased the former Hillside Elementary school in February 2017 and secured a loan from the USDA to renovate the building and turn it into a transitional housing shelter for homeless families. Renovations are still underway and we have a projected opening of summer 2018.

To date there have been thousands of volunteer hours to get us to the point we are at today. Our facility will have 18 apartment units, 2 emergency units, an on-site classroom, conference room, coffee bar, media room, library, dining room, and commercial kitchen. The furnishings and finishing touches for all of these areas have been graciously donated by a variety of groups or organizations from throughout the community. The collaboration, dedication, and efforts that have gone into making New Hope Village a reality is truly amazing. 

​New Hope Village will not only provide a safe and healthy environment for families to live together​, they will collaborate with a variety of community partners and resources to ensure each family member is getting the help they need to move toward self-sufficiency. ​​

​New Hope Village is still under construction and still has many needs, financial and non-financial. Our continued success is dependent upon the support of our community of donors and volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved in any way please contact us!