Please use the following contact methods for ALL donations:

Goods/Services/Volunteer labor hours:  KAYLEIGH STACHOWIAK at (989) 323-9288 or email

Please send ALL monetary donations to:   ROGER BRIGGS, New Hope Village Board Treasurer, 4380 North Francis Shores Ave, Sanford, MI., 48657. Please make checks out to "New Hope Village".

Let's work together to mentor all the families who come to NHV. Contact us today!

We would like to invite you and your circle of friends to learn more about our unique offerings, and to discover the many ways you can become part of this important work.

I would be happy to present to your group about NHV. Please give me a call.

Hope built on determination and

skills, while setting and achieving goals, does indeed

change everything. New Hope Village is a place where homeless families can feel safe.

Clients can acquire skills that build and sustain a successful, stable, and caring family life. New Hope Village does not enable, we empower!​


  Introduce Us to Your Organization

We would love to come to your meeting and tell your friends and colleagues more about the New Hope Village mission! Our presentation is short, informative, and eye-opening.Our biggest hurdle right now is showing people that there are poor and homeless who need our help right here in Midland County, so it is important to bring the facts

         your organization. Please go to the Contact page, and get in touch today.


How To Help